About Us

Since our official opening in the summer of 2013, we’ve continued to evolve, offering homeowners custom and creative options to enhance their living space. 

The idea of opening a specialty store for contractors and homeowners started years ago after listening to the many contractors and self-employed small business owners in our network of family and friends. The shared stories of the complexities in business, trusted sources for affordable quality materials, workmanship, employee retention, customer satisfaction, and the overall challenges of small business in general were a common theme. As wives of self-employed men, we believed we could make a difference by offering a unique perspective in a male dominated trade.

Using the knowledge and experience of generations of business owners, we created a store that is far more than a retail outlet.  Our showrooms offer homeowners and professional contractors the ability to see large displays, receive creative ideas and guided application to explore current and future trends.

We know that if we invest in the architects, designers, builders and contractors to help them succeed in their business, our own business will prosper.  Through educational clinics, how-to builds, marketing and meeting space aids, we feel we have created a welcoming resource center to grow their businesses.

In our desire to become an asset to our community, our mission is to continually strive for excellence in the areas of service, quality product research, customer appreciation and most notably trust.  Our greatest strength is in connecting people and assisting our customers at every stage of their projects and its development.