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Add a Month to Each End of Your Outdoor Season

Add a Month to Each End of Your Outdoor Season  | by stone & outdoor living center |   Green energy, clean energy, zero-emissions, and environmentally friendly are all terms that have received more attention now than ever alongside the progression of technology at blinding speeds with products from Tesla like the home generator and the… Read more »

The Revolution of Rumford

The Revolution of Rumford In this weeks blog we dive into a story that spans back to Revolution era Massachusetts about one man who had an uncontested love for fireplaces and knew how a better design and attention to detail could push the evolution of a staple in modern living to new heights. Count Rumford’s… Read more »

A View To Enjoy

  A View to Enjoy This week at the Stone & Outdoor Living Center we’re talking hot spots in the home and we teamed up with Napoleon Products to bring you some insider information on how you can bring family and friends together and create a view to enjoy in your living space. They are… Read more »

Where Brasa Shines

Featuring a reservoir for use with Brasa Fire Home Fragrances, and a variety of designs allowing for application in any home decor setting, you will find out very quickly that the Shadow Lantern is not your average “lamp”.