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It is safe to say that having a reliable grill in your backyard has become an American necessity for every household and family. Several memories are made around a grill, enjoying meals from the grill, and even purchasing a grill can be exciting for all involved. When you decide it is time to make this purchase, taking the time to research different types of grills will only ensure that the final product delivered to your door fits your lifestyle and wish list perfectly. Our team at Stone and Outdoor Living Center assists residents from Ellicottville, Chautauqua, Fredonia, Jamestown, Bemus Point, NY, Erie, & Warren, PA choose the perfect grill for them, and we would be happy to assist you!


Benefits of Charcoal and Gas Grills for the Warren & Erie, PA Communities

When you are investing in something as important as a grill, you will want to make sure you are listening to a trusted individual. Our staff at Stone and Outdoor Living Center has years of experience in charcoal and gas grill sales, holding the appropriate knowledge to help you make the best decision for your property. For some, gas grills are the better choice, while others may prefer using a charcoal grill. Many people also see the value in investing in a combination of the two, opting for a charcoal and gas grill unit. Below we have listed some of the main benefits of each.

Gas Grills: These grills are for the people who grill often, and wish to have a tool that is low maintenance. Gas grills also heat up quickly, reaching a temperature of 500 degrees after only 10 minutes. This fast prep time allows for owners to start their grill, prep their meal, and come back to the perfectly heated surface to begin cooking. Gas grills are extremely easy to clean, as the grates can be scrubbed, and the grease trap can be removed easily. Gas grills also emit little to no smoke, which has proven to be a health benefit of opting for a gas grill.

Charcoal Grills: One of the main perks of owning a charcoal grill, is being able to achieve the unmatched smokey and tender taste that is only achieved when grilling on charcoals. The control over the heat on a charcoal grill is great for when you want to cook one portion of your meal, but need a less strong flame for the other parts. Charcoal grills in themselves often come at great value prices, and charcoals are easily found at almost every corner and grocery store you will pass. Charcoal grills are more easily transferable than other types of grills, making them perfect to bring along camping or on a vacation.

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Once you visit us at Stone and Outdoor Living Center, we promise you will have taken the necessary steps to find a grill that fits your budget and lifestyle perfectly. No matter your experience behind a grill, our team members will walk you through each of the steps to ensure that once your choice is delivered, you are all set to begin enjoying the perks of owning a great backyard staple. We have a wide selection of charcoal and gas grills, making our showroom the place to visit when you decide you are ready to go forward with purchasing. We look forward to assisting more of our neighbors in Ellicottville, Chautauqua, Fredonia, Jamestown, Bemus Point, NY, Warren, and Erie, PA areas. Call today to speak with one of our trusted representatives!

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